Practice Areas

 Matrimonial and Family Law: Sparacino & Sparacino handles all areas of Matrimonial and Family law, including divorces, child support, custody issues and more. Our very own Jessica D. Sparacino has extensive experience in these fields of law and conducts each case with respect and care.
 Divorce Mediation: When dealing with a divorce, tensions and emotions can run high, and this is where a divorce mediator can help. A mediator is a completely neutral party who strives to meet the needs and interests of both parties so a mutual agreement can be reached. Jessica D. Sparacino is a Certified Mediator.
 Bankruptcy: When financial situations become difficult, Frank J. Sparacino will work with clients to resolve their debts effectively and with the least damage to their reputation. As a Long Island bankruptcy lawyer, Sparacino works with both individuals and businesses in overcoming financial challenges.
 Real Estate Transactions (Residential & Commercial): Sparacino & Sparacino is able to assist you with the purchase or sale of your residential or commercial property. Frank J. Sparacino, Jr. uses his knowledge as a Long Island real estate lawyer, accumulated over years and dozens of transactions, whenever he represents a client in a property transfer.
 Wills, Powers of Attorney & Health Care Proxies: Without penning these important documents matters regarding your health care, life matters and your legacy, can end up following a different path than you would have ever intended. Choose Sparacino & Sparacino will lawyers in Long Island to help you draw up these documents to provide you with peace of mind.
 Uncontested Divorce: If you are faced with an uncontested divorce in which both parties agree with the resolution of the marriage, you may still need representation in court. Sparacino & Sparacino can assist you in the various steps of this process.
 Foreclosure Defense: New York State provides many rights to homeowners who are facing the foreclosure process. Take advantage of them with one of our dedicated attorneys who will work with you to save your home or guide you through the other possible alternatives.
 Criminal Defense: When faced with a criminal charge, it is almost impossible to successfully represent yourself due to our complicated court system. Allow one of the Long Island criminal defense lawyers of Sparacino & Sparacino PLLC to assist you in protecting your rights, regardless of the criminal offense you are accused of.
 Business Formation: Ensure that your business is classified correctly upon formation. Each type of business entity has different laws and regulations placed on them from the establishment of the business to yearly reporting requirements to the IRS. Allow the attorneys at Sparacino & Sparacino to assist you in ensuring you choose the correct foundation for your success.
 Trademarks: Whether you are registering a new trademark or simply protecting your current one, the attorneys at Sparacino & Sparacino are well-versed in all laws pertaining to trademarks and will work to protect yours.
 Trusts and Estates: Maintaining an estate is often a lot of work, and a trust tends to further the process along faster than a will might. The attorneys at Sparacino & Sparacino will work with you to determine what type of trust is best for you and your family to protect your estate.