Long Island Divorce Mediation

long island divorce mediationLong Island divorce mediation is a voluntary, self-determining process, in which the mediator, acting as a neutral party, helps the involved participants with the decision making process by empowering the participants within an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect. Mediation is confidential, private and conducted behind closed doors, literally and figuratively. The participants’ privacy is always an utmost concern and priority.

A mediator is a trained professional educated and experienced in conflict resolution. A certified Long Island divorce mediation lawyer such as Jessica D. Sparacino, is knowledgeable in various communication and collaborative decision making methods to utilize with couples. Having experience with such decision making methods ensures the focus of the process is maintained, conflict is minimized, and common ground is always found. A vital aspect to a successful mediation is to consistently work toward the advancement of mutual interests so that your marriage can be ended as amicably and cost effectively as possible.

In order for the success to be achieved, it is prudent for each person to present a willingness to cooperate, provide full disclosure and have an ability to negotiate in good faith. There are numerous issues addressed during mediation, each specific to the individual couple. Even though each mediation session and process is unique to the individuals involved, there are some common themes addressed in addition to child support and maintenance payments such as the distribution of property, retirement savings and tax responsibilities as well as child custody and parenting time schedules. During mediation, if an agreement seems impossible to reach between the couple, an experienced mediator, like Jessica D. Sparacino, will know to intervene to protect the progress and already open lines of communication while offering assistance in brainstorming ideas and ways to keep the couple focused on the issues at hand during this decision making process.

As a Long Island divorce mediation lawyer, Jessica D. Sparacino does not work for either party and remains neutral throughout the entire mediation, regardless of the situation. It is through mediation that the divorcing couple can formulate ideas that will lead to agreements that have the ability to stand the test of time; allowing for a more expedient resolution that is still beneficial to both spouses.

The length of the mediation process is unique to each couple and depends on the issues which require attention and resolution. The amount of time needed for any agreement to be approached, discussed, formulated and consented to is contingent on the couples’ willingness to see the need for an equitable end for both parties. Most couples who work with Jessica D. Sparacino as their Long Island divorce mediation lawyer for the disillusion of their marriage are satisfied with the agreements reached and feel that each was able to walk away with what they wanted, a voice in the outcome.