Long Island Divorce Lawyers

long island divorce lawyersEstablished in 2010, Sparacino & Sparacino PLLC has a dedicated team of Long Island divorce lawyers. Our Long Island firm focuses in matrimonial (divorce) and family litigation, real estate transactions, foreclosure defense, and much more. We bring the finest expertise to these matters with years of experience in handling many different kinds of clients on Long Island. Our experience, coupled with our size and courteous, professional staff, allows us to provide exemplary work products for our clients. Our Long Island divorce lawyers will be able to assist them with their legal needs in a timely manner with services they can truly rely on.

Unlike many other Long Island divorce lawyers, the dedicated team at Sparacino & Sparacino PLLC, has the ability to provide individualized attention to each client taking any concerns or issues into account. Trust the Long Island divorce lawyers at Sparacino & Sparacino and see just how unique our firm is.

Jessica D. Sparacino, Esq. is known as one of the most trustworthy divorce lawyers across Long Island. She regularly appears in local Family and Supreme Courts to represent clients on divorce, custody and support cases. With all clients, she shows the utmost respect and kindness, reassuring them that they are in good hands. She understands that each client is in the midst of a difficult situation and works to make the court and negotiation processes as easy to navigate as possible. The compassionate attitude Jessica D. Sparacino offers to each and every client also extends to our entire team of Long Island divorce lawyers and paralegals. No matter who of our lawyers you work with at our firm, you’ll discover that we’re driven to provide the very best work from the beginning of your matter until its resolution.

Here at Sparacino & Sparacino, our lawyers will create courses of action that not only will reach the resolution you need, but will also be affordable. Above all, we look out for the well being of our clients. Our Long Island divorce lawyers are dedicated to assisting you in attaining the best possible outcome. We understand that divorce is stressful and time consuming, and the Long Island divorce lawyers at Sparacino & Sparacino is here to simplify it for you. Even if you’re going through an uncontested divorce, having an attorney represent you in court may still be necessary. We’ll stand by you and work to give you the peace of mind you need during this entire process.

In addition to our team of experienced Long Island divorce lawyers, we also offer divorce mediation. Divorce mediation involves a neutral party who will listen to both individuals involved in order to facilitate a fair resolution that all parties can agree upon. By having someone with an objective opinion involved in the proceedings, you’ll be able to receive the most ideal resolution.

For Long Island divorce lawyers who are also experienced in areas of foreclosure defense, traffic tickets, and real estate transaction, speak with Sparacino & Sparacino now. We can be reached at (631) 651-8783. Our clients know they can put their trust in us, due to our impeccable reputation for amazing service and zealous representation. When you personally talk with our Long Island divorce lawyers, you’ll appreciate just how dedicated we’ll be to your legal situation.